During the summer and autumn of 2012, K-pop finally got its breakthrough in Northern Europe due to the Gangnam Style world phenomenon and also in Sweden wherein K-pop previously had had a very small fan base. This article consists of a study of the reception of hallyu in Northern Europe after 2012 and with Sweden as the case study and national context and with an emphasis on Kpop. Given that it is highly unlikely that any K-pop artist will ever again be able to reproduce and replicate PSY’s unique and momentary popularity in such a peripheral European country like Sweden, the article tries to offer some insights into Sweden’s K-pop fandom base of today by the way of a mapping of the fan world and interviews with 8 Swedish K-pop fans: What has happened with the reception of K-pop in Sweden since Gangnam Style, how big is the fan base, who are the fans and why are the fans attracted to K-pop? The article begins by introducing the context of hallyu and K-pop in contemporary Sweden and continues with an overview of the Swedish K-pop fandom world and an account of the interviews and at the end the findings are summarised and reflected upon.