Aims and scope
The growth of international and transnational communication between cultures requires empathy. Social empathy has been a subject of study within the discipline of psychology for many decades. It has, however, rarely been studied in a multidisciplinary fashion among sociologists, psychologists, and cultural studies specialists. This journal is dedicated to the study of the transnational cultural phenomenon using the perspective of social empathy and social scientific methodologies.

Culture and Empathy: International Journal of Sociology, Psychology, and Cultural Studies addresses theoretical and empirical questions of the transnational cultural phenomenon from the perspective of social empathy, loosely defined as “the ability to understand people by perceiving or experiencing their life situations and as a result gain insight into structural inequalities and disparities” (Segal 2007). We therefore ask how transnational cultural phenomena that are widely and actively taking place throughout the world are shaping the structure of social empathy and how these two change our 21st century world.

Culture and Empathy is intended for both academics and interested observers, contains the contributions of recognized experts, and is essential to anyone seeking the latest research on social empathy and cultural studies in a readily available, approachable form. We welcome articles which deal with all forms of transnational cultural phenomena that are relevant to the issue of social empathy. We welcome submissions from sociology, psychology, and cultural studies broadly defined. Multidisciplinary works are highly recommended.

Peer Review Policy:
Articles in this journal have undergone peer review based on initial editor screening and refereeing by anonymous referees.